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Bringing an Obsolete Public Building Up to Date
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Montville Public Library
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Union County Police Academy
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Police & Court Building
Maplewood, NJ
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Masonry Meets Police Department Objectives
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Mt. Creek Ski Area Lodge, Vernon, NJ
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Orange Police Headquarters
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"Anyone who works with wood, either as a designer or builder, will find something new, useful and exciting in these inspiring pages. I haven't seen such comprehensive treatment of the subject in any other text."

- Kenneth Carper, Professor of Architecture, Washington State University  

Timber Construction for Architects and Builders (McGraw-Hill, 1999), by Eli Goldstein, AIA, PP, LEED, is one of the definitive professional texts on the design and construction of large-scale buildings framed with large sawn or glue-laminated wood beams, columns, and trusses. Mr. Goldstein’s structural design innovations in the design of the Montville Library were of such significance that Engineering News-Record (ENR) featured the project in a cover story, and, in 1995 designated Mr. Goldstein a “Newsmaker”. Among 25 professionals to be so honored in that year, Mr. Goldstein was the only architect.

NJ Municipalities Magazine:

October, 2013, Bringing an Obsolete Public Building Up to Date, co-authored by Frederick J. Rast, III, Mayor, Borough of Atlantic Highlands; Adam Hubeny, Borough Administrator, Borough of Atlantic Highlands & Eli Goldstein, The Goldstein Partnership, Architects & Planners.

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Eli Goldstein, AIA, PP, LEED AP, has been a featured speaker at numerous events including:

  • MIT Architecture Department, in Professor John Ochsendorf's "Timber Design & Engineering” Course
  • CSI Professional Webinar: "Shop Drawings: Legal & Architectural Issues"
  • WPL Professional Webinar: "Shop Drawings: Legal & Architectural Issues"
  • Lorman Professional Webinar: "Shop Drawings: Legal & Architectural Issues"
  • US Green Building Council/NJ Conference: “Green Building Design”
  • US Green Building Council/NJ: Speakers Bureau: “LEED and Green Building Design”
  • Multiple Civic organizations, “Green Building Design”
  • Public Access TV, “Municipal Green Building Design”
  • Newark/Suburban Chapter, American Institute of Architects, “Municipal Green Building Design”
  • Harvard Club, Boston, “The Architect’s Standard of Care”
  • Build Boston, “Timber Construction” and “Expedited Building Processes”
  • Lorman Professional Seminar: “Design & Construction Defects”
  • AEC Design Expo, Javits Center, NY: “Roofing Technology” 

Lecture Series:

  • Sponsor of the annual: "The Goldstein Lecture in Architecture, Design, and Science", Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.